Tailor your investment plan using Dividend Yield, Dividend Growth and Capital Appreciation. Financial Freedom is a number, find out how fast you can get there.

With Annual Deposits And Reinvesting All Dividends
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What Is Drip?

DRIP is a program in which every time you receive dividends you reinvest them in order to amplify the compounding effects of equites over time.

Why do dividends Matter?

Dividend Payments have a history of increasing over time while share price also increases. Leading to higher capital gains and more income per share. Providing you additional income you don’t have to work for.

What is a typical dividend rate?

Dividend rates of all kinds exist. Typically 2%-7% A general rule of thumb the higher the yield the less growth you can expect to receive. This does not apply to all stocks and research is required to make the best choice

Whats the point of projecting future dividends?

Although dividends are not guaranteed, using a dividend calculator can help visualize exactly what yield and growth rate are needed in order to achieve financial freedom. You won’t be motivated enough to get started unless you know what you have to gain.

Where will your portfolio be in 10 years?

Learn how a dividend reinvestment calculator can help you plan for an early retirement.

With this calculator you can project future dividend payments and stock price appreciation and see what that will look like after 10 years in which you may decided to not invest or reinvest dividends again!

One Time and Done!

A lump sum payment today in the right investment can pay off in ways you couldn’t imagine. This calculator is made to show you how dividends can continue to grow contributing to higher income.


You will notice in the beginning the investment stays almost flat. However as you start to look at 10, 20 ,30 years the investment income really starts to blossom and produce substantial payments.

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