Living Off Of Your Dividend Portfolio Today Without Annual Deposits Or Reinvesting Dividends
Initial Investment:
Years Invested:
Capital Appreciation:
Dividend Grouth Rate:
Dividend Yield:

How To Use This Calculator

This calculator is meant to show your current investment can look for any amount of time once you decide to not contribute or reinvest dividends. This is extremely useful for those that have a nice nest egg and are looking for ways to continue to build AND live off their wealth. The old rule of living off 4% of your account is not a rule you have to be tied down to. With a sizeable account you can just not reinvest dividends and have a pretty nice annual income. 

Taking into account Dividend Yield, Capital Appreciation and Dividend Growth the goal of actually living off your account is a lot more achievable than you would think. The compounding effects over the course of 50 years are just incredible. 

How to Remain a Long Term Investor

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